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advice please

morning everyone,

on Friday I had my first ever flu jab, on Friday I hada small red lump where injection was; thought nothing of it. Saturday its a bit lumpy and the size of a 5p and today (sunday) red lump is size of 50p and hot similar feeling to a gnat bite?

was wondering if this is a normal reaction please? arm feels tender in that muscle when lifting things and walking dogs,feels like its bruised.

thankyou, caninecrazy x

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I had this too and it lasted well over a week, was really swollen and burning hot and itchy. I also felt awful! Sick and fevery for a few days. Hope it gets better quickly.

Jo x


me too, thankyou jo x


This year - me too.


had a flu jab for the first and can i say the very last time over a week ago and i feel like S##T . like ive been hit by a bus, run over by a tank. I to had a small reaction I GOT THE FLU.. My doctor told me if i got a large lump or pain after jab to go back for them to look at it. Good luck hope it does not get worse.


My brother had a similar reaction to a jab which saw his whole arm inflate. It was called fleabitis and needed antibiotics to kill it. He's not diagnosed with lupus but jaded a severe allergic reaction to the jab. Worth seeing a doctor about I'd say.


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