Quick tip: if you also have a thyroid condition you are entitled to free prescriptions!

Just thought it may be useful. I was first diagnosed as hypothyroid so I learned I can get a card to exempt me from paying all prescription charges. Now I'm on so many medicines it's saving me a fortune! Weird that SLE isn't one of the conditions to get you this exemption, but I think lots of us also have thyroid problems anyway.

Hth x

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  • hi

    up here in the dark north nobody pays prescription charge,s

  • Really? That's excellent! Where are you?

  • Even down in the windy South no one needs to pay much more than a tenner a month (I think it is Β£10.40 at the moment, though I would need to check my bank account to be sure - get a prescription pre-payment certificate and pay by direct debit. EVERYTHING you need is covered under this.


  • Brilliant! But that's still over Β£100 a year which many of us may not need to pay. X

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