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Are you 18 or older and diagnosed with a skin condition by a doctor?

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We have been asked to support a study by Cardiff University into patient perceptions of medical photography of dermatological conditions. The study is in the form of a short questionnaire which will take 5-10 minutes to complete - full details below.

Thank you.


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Hi Alida, would you be able to post the link separately? I’m having trouble copying the link from the infographic. Thanks!

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Alida_HorneAdministrator in reply to MusicalFurbaby

Please see below.

Thanks Alida. All done ✔️

The infographic link doesn’t work for me though. I found the study via Behcets UK. Link is below if it’s helpful for anyone in the meantime (if this link works…😬)

Worked for me thanks


Does Lichen Sclerosis fit the bill?

It just asks whether you’ve a diagnosed skin condition and what it is. I’d say it would, as from some of the q’s asked, the viewpoint of someone with LS would prob be v beneficial - if you do the questionnaire you’ll see what I mean 😁

Yes I do see

All done!

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Hi all live link as requested.

Kind regards


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