Nhs complaints

Nhs complaints

hi guys. If anyone has a complaint about the nhs EG appointment or been treated unfairly or any complaint at all. Here is the complaints e-mail address if anyone is having probems with the nhs (UK ONLY SORRY GUYS) ABM.Complaints@wales.nhs.uk that is how it's spelt with capitals.

I myself used this to complain about my rhuematology appointment and not getting thro I had an appointment within a few days it really is useful and helpful

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  • UK is the whole of the United kingdom.

  • Anbuma just looked on the internet the England, northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland are all part Of the United kingdom.

  • I wasn't being sarcastic. Sorry if I offended you in anyway I am here to help not to offend sorry again. I was confused myself so I thought I would look and let you know.

  • Actually, it depends on the subject matter. Some English parliamentary functions have devolved and are now carried out by the parliaments or governing bodies in each of these parts, so slightly different rules apply in certain areas.

    In respect of the NHS, responsibility for healthcare in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales is devolved to the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly Government respectively, so complaints procedures are likely to differ between these areas. For more information, just search online for NHS complaints and add the relevant area (for example 'NHS complaints wales') and you'll get to the right procedure.

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