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Some Advice!

I really want some advice on a relative that lives in Afghanistan she has suffered with Lupus and Hughes syndrome for a very long time and has managed to receive treatment for the Hughes syndrome in which she takes aspirin. She has received the diagnosis for lupus as well but the medication what we have is not available over in Afghanistan she's not able to come over here either she has travelled to so many hospitals over there but cannot receive the right medication that is going to help this lupus and time is running out she is very unrecognisable lost weight, cant wash or eat by herself she has same symptoms as us lupus sufferers. I just really want to help by giving some of my meds as a starting point and hopefully am sure it will help I believe as im the only one close to her to know what its like im the only one that can help I want some general advice on the situation and please no judging just want to help her and hope you can help a fellow lupus sufferer as we all no what its like Thank you


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If I were you I would work my way through charities that send medical staff there: Start with this one, if they can't help, they may suggest others: missiondirect.org/volunteer...

Mary F x

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I would follow Mary's advice. It is not wise to give somebody treatment that they have not been prescribed, especially if they are already receiving other treatment - you could end up making her more ill unintentionally. Lupus is a very complicated illness and the treatment options and doses vary greatly.


I agree with Paul lupus is a serious & complex illness, when i was very ill in hospital consultants had to carefully work out my treatment plan as he advised the treatment that may help one lupus patient could ultimately kill another so its a case of very careful and slow monitoring process to see how ones body will adjust and accept drugs. Please don't ever give anyone meds thats prescribed for you only you will do them more harm than good. I know you want to help but your not medically trained in this complex disease. Take MaryF advice, good luck.


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