I have known I have got mild sle a few years ago by few blood tests my specialist told me have skin biopsy will results tell me sle is worse

after having my first bby I had few symptoms of sle then I had blood tests results saying I had sle n hypermobility n then I had few miscarriages too the sle then I had sum reli bad symptom tht they don't know what it is I went dead down one side like a stroke then got back walking then got pregnant n half way thro it happened agen at 20 weeks but still cant feel half my leg n muscle hav got weak cant walk n I experience extreme back pain wiv shooting paing up n down my back tht I cant lay on my back n I cant travel wivout scream in pain n I take lots of tablets but still in lots of pain then experienced head aches n black outs n dizziness n memory loss n they don't know why I got these symptoms I had two mri scan n lots of blood tests n seen spinal specialist they sed tht my metal work from scoliosis is fine n now there getting me skin biopsy just wondering if they can tell if its sle

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I have SLE but also get what are known as discoid lesions on my skin which are patches of skin that are generally quite round, itchy, they are white and flakey sometimes and maybe a bit red under the flakeiness. They can be very sore and have in the past been infected and got quite severe. If you have and this where they have taken the biopsy from they may find evidence of lupus cells in these as they are a symptom and generally treated with steroid creams or cream that works on the immune system. If by any chance you have developed these do keep away from the sun as this might make them worse also other forms of U.V. light like low energy lighting and florescent lighting can make them worse too if you become photosensitive. Your docs will tell you and advise you - at least they should if this is the case.

Good luck and hope you heal up nice and quickly

Madmagz x


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