I need some advice about a letter

I was told of specialist I need biopsy to see if my lupus has flared up tht he will sort out it for me to have biopsy. so I got letter a month ago saying appointment has been made for you to attend the dermatology department. you will be seen by one of dr jef fergusons team on 6 th sept . does this mean I will b having biopsy on tht day on does it mean I will see someone that will sort me out to hav one next appointment has it don't say nothing about biopsy?

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  • Hi, I would phone the clinic and ask them, what usually happens at an appointment re biopsy

  • dont panic about the biopsy its just a little nick there will be one stitch it only takes minute,s

  • oh right so its more likely will b done its not biopsy tht i am worrying its how long next appointment takes coz i get fed up wiv all specialist has its bin year n half in wheel chair struggling to get out to travel in car even sleep problem has i cant lay on my back n its bin 6 months n all they done its took three months to get this appointment n had mri scan done four months ago has i was put out coz i cant lay on my back i not got no results even with tht next time i see sumone is end oct so i just feeling so fed up n i got two children one at 4 years n my other one is 9 months n i don't like them see me in pain my 4 year has to help me wiv my husband i am only 21 i going thro hell

  • hi i had 6 biopsys at my first dermy appointment it doesnt hurt and i didnt have any stitches its like a potatoe peeler (sorry thats all i can think of describing it) then a follow up appointment was made on the day for the results which was 6 weeks hope ive helped

  • thanks hun

  • I had 2 biopsy's at the same time as i saw my dermatologist, it's nothing to worry about just a nick and stitch within minutes. This is a sure way of seeing what your lupus is doing. My advice is not to worry about it. I wish you all the best x


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