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Pregabalin - I've gone barmy!!!!

Oh what a wally, I fell off my trolley, my lift doesn't reach the top floor. I've lost a screw, 2 sandwiches 2 but, there's 1 thing I know 4 sure. They don't know what's wrong but it won't take them long 2 give no diagnosis - no cure!

They'll look at me n say - "You're off your head, go away! Don't darken this door anymore!"

So I joined Lupus UK, got the nutters club underway and --- Long live Harvey and Rabbit and hydroxychloroquine, olanzapine, amitriptyline and dihydrocodeine ok!

I'll be bunged up, high as a kite and floating round the ceiling for sure.

Love y'all. Jane xx

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I don't known whether to be happy for you or worried, after reading your post, what's up? Are you back on the pregabalin??


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