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Do employers have a legal obligation to adapt the work environment for an employee with lupus?

I am very sensitive to sunlight, fluorescent lighting and low energy lightbulbs. Think I may also be sensitive to electro magnetic fields too. So that means mobiles, wifi, computers and microwaves. Does an employer have to minimise damage to an employee by making the workplace safer by law?

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I believe under the Disability Discrimination Act employers have to make 'reasonable adjustments' to the workplace to accommodate an individuals health needs. What is deemed 'reasonable' may be of question when considering the level and amount of adaptations, but in Wales we have 'Access to Work' who conduct work based assessments and arrange for any adaptations etc.. Not sure where you are, but may be worth starting with occupational health, or if not speak to your GP? Hope you get things sorted.



Good advice slowmo. Thank you :-)


Hi, Slowmo is correct we have 'access to work' in the UK too. I have lupus with many manifestations but I am also an employer. We have had access to work in for a partially sighted employee and we part funded a larger screen computer and magnifiers for him to work. With regards to sunlight it will depend where you work and how exposed you are? I have transition sunglasses, they don't have a prescription in but on days when my eyes are playing up they adjust darker to what I need and the rest of the office can still see!

Your employer can request them to come in without your GP if you clearly need it.

With regards to mobiles etc., the question will be asked as Slowmo said - is it reasonable to ask your employer to make adjustments to the work environment??

Hope this helps



yes reasonable adjustments have to be made but it took me over 2yrs for a risk assessment to be done at work lol! and the same time for a supported back rest. One of the OCC/Health Dr@s requested that the florescent lights over my computer be taken out - this was never done. It annoys me that as I share an office with other colleagues on a day like to day they WILL insist on having the lights on instead of natural light? So much for the environment!


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