Does hair loss worsen when being in a sunny climate?

I'm currently on holiday with my family in the south of France ( holiday was booked before I was diagnosed and didnt want to spoil it for the kids by not going ( ages 8,11&13) I'm wearing 50+ sun block, staying in the shade and keeping my head Covered. I've always suffered with hair loss when in the shower and sometimes on my pillow but as I have short hair anyway, it's not been too noticeable. However since being on holiday it's coming out in big clumps and I can see bald patches. I'm 39 and feeling very self conscious. My husband went out this morning and bought me a gorgeous and pretty head scarf to wrap around my head but i feel terrible :( has anyone else suffered with this and will it grow back??

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Hair loss on such sudden basis usually indicates an increase in disease activity. An increase in disease activity may have been triggered by the sun/heat, so indirectly the sun can cause hair loss. Have you felt a slight worsening of your other symptoms? In principle once the lupus calms down your hair will stop falling. The question is then whether it will grow back - for that, have a look at the top of your head. Are there any hairs sticking up along the parting? That shows growth, so as long as you have that, your hair will replace the lost one. Don't panic!


Hi Belee sorry to be the barer of bad news but if you are at all photosensitive the sun and any other sources of ultra violet light (low energy lighting and florescent lighting) will make all your symptoms worse. I have lost my hair three times and am almost completely bald at the moment but found out this year I am photosensitive, I avoid the sun when it is strong and whenever I go out no matter what the weather I wear long sleeved jacket, jeans scarf, gloves and at least a factor fifty on any uncovered skin, the only time I uncover is if it is dark and I know the light sources around me are safe. I can totally understand your predicament not wanting to spoil things for your children but maybe the suncream is not strong enough for the times of day when the sun is strongest and you may need to cover up as I do or stay indoors which I find more comfortable otherwise I am like a walking sauna when it is hot. Staying in the shade does not always protect you fully as U.V. rays reflect of other surfaces and water. covering your skin or being indoors with safe lighting are the only two ways to fully protect yourself. I have learnt this and have recently noticed some tufty regrowth I wonder what my hair will be like this time, I have been brown, chestnut, blonde and this time looks like it is grey! :-S

Take care and enjoy the rest of your holiday, have a safe journey home

Madmagz x


Hi there Belee, as purpletop says this is not uncommon, from experience I can say try your best not to worry too much as we all know how stress/anxiety can affect us. Isn't your husband the lovely one, and supportive too. On the positive side of losing hair, (I lost a fair bit initially) mine grew back curly having usually only had straight as a die hair previously. I also found that stopping using heat to style (hairdryers and straighteners etc) helped. And now, I sport a lazy no fuss scruffy style without being bothered with styling too much, lol. All the best, enjoy your hols and be sure to have a great rest in France. Slowmo


Thanks so much for your responses.....its so reassuring to hear others have experienced this and am keeping my fingers crossed it'll grow back. Some of my other symptoms have increased also but they're manageable ( raynauds, joint pain, dizziness,) so im guessing this is a flare, It's just my hair! .....looking like an 80 year old is not really the souvenir I was hoping to bring home!! .....I guess I should be thankful that yes I have such a supportive family oldest daughter & husband have suggested i shave it all off ( like Jessie J! ) so that I won't have to see the big clumps coming out each morning ! Unfortunately I don't look much like Jessie J, more like mr potato head so I'm not sure on that one at the moment! younger two are liking the bandana look and apparently i look like a pirate!.....not sure whether i should take that as a compliment or not!

..... Am spending a lot of time inside now, watching the kids in the pool through the window. Trying to keep positive. Thanks again for your kind responses and advice xxx


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