Anybody know any reasons for flare ups? My doctor said it could be to do with stress?

I have been having some family issues lately and my rash has come up on my thighs and a little on my elbow. I asked my doctor about it and she said it could be to do with stress. Does anyone else get this or know of anything else that could have happened? I have been wearing my suncream!

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I flared up last night after 6 weeks of being diagnosed my first flare, with swollen knuckles and fingers, and wasent able to close my hands in to a fist. But no stress at home for me? But it cud be the course of stress, Suncream is important coz when I'm in the sun for to long I get a rash on my palms of my hands.


Hi Jessicaemily, yes stress can bring out flare up and if you are having an active flare up and get very stressed it can get worse. Well this is certainly the case for me and another lupie that I know personally and others I have heard of. Also if you are photosensitive the recent sunny weather may have caused you to have a flare despite wearing suncream. When I go out I wear gloves, scarf, long sleeves and trousers, I always have something on my head and never go out in very strong sun without all of this or in places where there is a lot of florescent lighting or low energy lighting.

I hope your symptoms ease off soon and you don't suffer too much

Madmagz x


Hi there jessicaemily, I'm certain that experiencing stress makes my symptoms much worse and actually was a trigger to a major flare up that led to my being diagnosed.

I know it's easier said than done but do try and avoid stress if at all possible, but as others have said the suncream is a must especially in this burst of hot weather we've had recently. Maybe the combination fo stress and sun have had an impact on you,

tale care,



Avoid stress? I think if we could do that everyone would hehe :). I get really paranoid when i have a flare up because i think everyone is staring at me, but my friends say they arnt looking at me. :\


For me...stress and crummy sleeps make things bad...The sun doesn't give me rashes, but it makes me feel bummed out or like sad if im out in it too much...weird, huh? I love looking out the window at a beautiful sunny day, but lately that's what it does to me..(maybe its the heat, I dunno).


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