Anyone in newcastle uk want to start a group to meet up or does one exist already doesn't have to be newcastle anywhere in the north east

Hi I have posted before but would love to start a lupus group in the north east or attend one if it already exists I have found this site really helpful and would love to have a chat about symptoms and to not feel alone anymore I can drive so I am willing to make it closest to the most people I think it is great to share tips and helpful hints with people who understand I am 22 years old but I am open to speaking to all ages

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Hi, not sure how to respond to you message so this is quicker - absolutely keen to meet up, anywhere is find for me. I am also on a phased return so am flexible around work and appointments.

Would love to help you set up a regular group.

Take care, Donna

Ps I am 33


Hi Zoe it would be nice to have a support group as i have joined a breathe easy group for my lungs but Lupus would also be nice.

I have sle lupus also lung problems and it would be lovely to meet other lupy people i am 59 years of age so i am an oldie.

i do not live in Newcastle i am in Co Durham and i do not think there is a support group.

Take care Lorna


Hi Lorna, my wife is called Sharon, who also has S.L.E Lupus and antiphosphilipid syndrome. We live in Durham also if you would like to get in touch and talk to her, here's her email,


Hi Zoe, I would be interested in meeting up, I'm 49 and have SLE/lupus nephritis, hughes aps syndrome and recently diagnosed with cerebral lupus.....i'm currently undergoing chemo so its a bit unpredictable when my good days are but it would be nice if we could arrange something

Take care



There is a lupus UK group in the north east, but it doesn't seem to meet very often, and when it does the meetings seem to be in Guiseborough. I'm Tyne and Wear based. SLE and fibromyalgia are among my many medical labels ! A local group would be great for informal chats etc


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