Oh yeah and I'm chubby now

I used to be a size 8 and now I am a size 16I don't even know this happened.

Yes I do steroids! I had been trying to avoid taking steroids but after a frightening incident where my arm and my right arm locked and was unable to get out of the bath I decided to give it a try.

I have to say the first day after receiving the steroid injection was amazing! Getting up wasn't a chore Infact I practicly leaped out ten bed and at 9.30pm when I would normally be tired getting ready for bedbinwas full of life!

That's was 8 months again and unfortunately The steroids no longer have that effect on me. I was warned about the weight gain but didn't think it would be so quick?

Of course every one has an idea to loose weight cavemen man diet, stupid diets where you drinks juice, glue or something else stupid.

"Come to my gym I Willet you through paces" " yeah I appreciate it but right now I can barely walk to the bottom of my road with out having to stop to catch my breath"

I really hope I dint sound vain I jus feel abit sad when I look in the mirror and someone else looks like me

It's bade pith that I can barely get my body to do what I want it to do

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Hi - please forgive me but I laughed out loud at your bath experience. I think it must have been relief.... to know that someone else has experienced the same as me. I got stuck in the bath about 8 years ago. It was very frightening and I haven't had a bath since!

And yes - I'm fat too and I didn't use to be. I've stopped taking steroids now, but since chemo last year I'm post menopausal so losing the weight is proving a huge task. I lose some, have some bad days where I don't get out, put it all on, lose some, put it all on...

I WILL do it. Every day I imagine my old self.... I know she is in there trying to fight her way out from under the flab!

Take care, and thanks for sharing.


Hi, you don't sound vain! You just want your old self back. I know how you feel, I was also nice and slim then the steroids kicked in and now I'm a bit of a podge!! Used to be a size 12 now a size 16. But I am mobile and unable to get off the steroids at the moment. Trying to cut down on them slowly but I know as soon as I get poorly again I will probably have to up the dose! Sooo annoying. Just try and keep well, eat healthy and be grateful for all the positive things in your life. Sending you a hug xx


Unfortunately diet and exercise is the only combination that makes a difference where weight loss is concerned. But exercise doesn't need to be strenuous to help - few months ago I was barely able to walk few steps because I couldn't breathe and I started exercising with the arm bike and some very basic mobility stuff to open up my chest and help with the pain. It helped tremendously with the breathing and I can now go on the cross trainer, although only for 10 mins at a time and sometimes on the treadmill for a minute or so of running. Fine, I'm not running marathons and sometimes the pain is too much to be able to make more than basic mobility but it helps my bones, chest and muscles and i did lose some weight too.

My point is this: focusing on losing weight as a primary purpose may be a struggle, but focusing on improving your overall health through very gentle exercise is not as difficult.

If all fails buy yourself some new chic pieces of clothing for the new you, splurge on a professional manicure and pedicure and a haircut and you will feel human again. I consider that money well spent if it lifts us from the despair of dealing with this awful disease.


Thanks for your response I have been trying to walk instead of driving my car but I am having problems breathing and pain in my legs. I am hoping that the more i walk the easier it will get (fingers crossed) but will discuss with my doctor when I see him in a couple weeks.


Well I'm pleased to hear I am not the only lupus person with this prob!

I had a stroke in march 2012 and after that I weight 9st 9lb obviously this was not good... As soon as I walked again and eat again I got bigger. I was happy to be 10st...

I have to say lupus gives me terrible pain everyday... However the only thing that I do that makes me feel less in pain and not so fat is running or swimming!

Running is not perfect for a lot of people however if you go and do some swimming you will have less pain and as long as you eat not too much fat stuff you will keep it off!

My prob is that I am living in a house with lots biscuits so I have eat a lot of fruit and salad! I am now a 5lbs not at a good point!

I am on weight watcher... It's a good one to do as they give you lots of ideas of things to eat!

All I will say is that us lupus people have to deal with pain... Which people don't understand however, exercise is the best thing to do for the pain...

We should set up a lupus diet club! He he


I can relate with u there. I was size 8 until 2007, after my diagnosis in July 07 I started to pile on weight. I hate looking at my self in the mirror too.


I have had such bad indigestion and nausea that I have managed to lose 6lbs in a week, not sure whether to continue and suffer to lose the weight or to take the Lapramozol just been prescribed:-)


Hi I too am a curvy lupie on steroids, yep there are lots of us about. ;-) I have difficulty with exercise too but have had my steroids reduced slightly since I've been on methotrexate and have been able to do pilates which has helped me to be a little more agile and toned up a little without me getting too out of breath. I used to do a pilates class years ago so know the basics so got a DVD and do it at home at my own pace and so I have no worries about holding anyone up. Pilates itself helps with the breathing too a little bit like yoga so it might be worth giving it a go, I would certainly recommend it. :-)

Good luck

Madmagz x


Hey again guys

Here is an update

Working with the gp to reduce the amount of steroids that I am taking. and have since removed the crisp, biscuits and cakes from my home (No more wolfing down an entire pack of biscuits in a dream like state and waking up to the empty packaging) (Am i the only who who has been doing this?)

Now we have lots and lots of fruits to snack on

not sure how long this is going to last but ..........

trying to walk more when my joints allow it even if it is to the end of the road and back, i have been advised to try Pilates but right now cant really afford it :(


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