Sleeping or not sleeping!

I either sleep two to three days straight or nothing! I do the whole sleep hygiene thing, same time each night, nice fresh bedding, no caffeine products before bed, cool room, no tv etc etc but my sleep pattern is awful! Anyone any suggestions other than medication as I rattle when I move I have so much of it!

I'm at a loss I can't even hold a decent conversation with anyone as my head is all over the place with tiredness, I can sort of cope with pain but a proper sleep cycle would help to make life easier!

I will try anything at this stage ??

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Well done to you for changing bedding everyday, that's alot of effort just thinking about it.

I found a couple of years ago that the only way I could fall asleep quite easily was to count, from 1 to 10 or backwards, I first start with my breathing, taking long deep breaths, force myself to clear my head, think of calm colour and count very slowly. I know it sounds quite simple but problem was always that I could never stop thinking about things use to drive me mad. Well anyway I found something that worked for me mind you there are times when it doesn't and you get up a do something else. .good luck. . Xx Uzi xx


Thank you for that, I'll try that tonight I need to get proper rest but you are right my head is buzzing with stuff so need to do something to block it out! xx


I suppose my question would be what is your head buzzing with. Keep a pad and pen by bed to write it down. Empty the brain! X


I'm very good at over thinking things not the best thing to be doing I suppose when trying to sleep! Worrying about I suppose what we all worry about on this site our health etc i will also try writing down the things that are buzzin round my head! Thank you all for sound advice! Xx


Hi I've started to try meditation which has helped me. I'm on high dosage steroids which has played havoc with my sleep patterns. A good starting point to help you get started with meditation is a website I used


They have a free app you can download too. The first 10 sessions are free so you don't need to pay anything to learn the basics and just build on it on your own. I understand it may not be for everyone these kind of things but certianly helped me relax and ease my mind.

I also sleep with a V cushion which helps me feel more comfortable as a result of back pain and breathing better too.

I hope this helps!



Thank you so much I will def give it a ago x


Hiya Eejit - I have to confess I saw your post at the time you posted it (VERY early), which means I may not be the best person to give advice.... Have you tried Radio 4 and the World Service at a very quiet volume? If it is quite you will have to work quite hard to hear it - and you will be concentrating so hard you'll soon drop off. I have found this doesn't work forever, because eventually you start to look forward to the obscure late night programmes - but it may help you get back into a sleeping routine.

The other thing I've learned is that chocolate has caffeine in, as well as tea and coffee (so no little bit of chocolate after dinner), and that caffeine stays in the system much longer than you think - about 12 hours (so I limit my coffee intake to first thing in the morning.

Camomile tea helps. Lavender sprinkled on bedclothes helps. A bath or shower helps. Making sure you have had some fresh air and exercise helps. Making sure you have had at least one decent conversation a day, helps (I live alone,and if I don't make an effort to talk to people I can go days without).

But sometimes - if you can't sleep you can't sleep.... and when that happens I get up, make my bed neatly, go downstairs and do something for half an hour, and then start again. And that often does the trick.

Hope this is of some help. Good luck.


Everyone has been so kind I will def take on board all your helpful suggestions you never know I may b sleeping soundly very soon!

I also know what you mean about living on your own I can go days without speaking to anyone however that's my fault as sometimes I just feel like hiding because I'm always complaining (it feels like always) and I don't want people to get fed up listening about!

But in fairness if I get sleeping again it will all help!

Thanks again xx


The same - about not wanting to see people just to have a moan! Makes me hide away too - but it is not good for us - we need to get out and talk to people, even if it is hard, when they ask us, how are you, not to launch into the truth. Maybe we just need to smile and say "fine thanks" and try to hear something about their lives for a change. I don't always manage that - but I try!


Jacobson's progressive relaxation. Tense each group of muscles (legs, abdomen, chest, arms, etc) and hold for 30 seconds then release. We often are unaware of the tension we carry.

Do a body scan. Start with your toes and just focus your attention on each little body part. Notice sensations. Take your time. This gets you out of your head and into the present moment.

Hot milk with honey before bed. Melatonin supplements.

Journal in the morning as soon as you get up. The real you wakes up before your public persona does. This is a perfect time to process things.

In the evening, make a list of things on your mind. Once they are on paper, you don't have to think about them.

Get daily aerobic exercises for at least 30 minutes.

If all of these things fail. talk to your doctor.


Thank you so much everyone had been so helpful! Gonna try them all and see which works best for me, you've all been great xx


A banana and a milky drink before bed are supposed to help, I also downloaded a relaxation app onto my phone, soothing music and restful. Hope something helps you whatever it is.


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