Calling on men with Lupus

Hi guys

I am a post graduate student at De Montfort University, Leicester and looking for men with Lupus who are willing to participate in my research study.

The research will be focused on exploring the life experiences of men living with Lupus and the impact it has /had on relationships with self, others, the physical and emotional impact, the support and treatment received and coping strategies. (as may already know most of the research out there focuses on women's experiences).

Each participant will be required to take part in a voice-recorded, semi structured interview either face to face, by telephone or via Skype. The Interviews are expected to last approximately 60mins. Participant will be given pseudonyms for annonymity purposes. All participants must be aged 18 years and over.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please email me at oy

Many thanks


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  • HI TAWANDA i,m going to think about it mayby get in touch in a couple of weeks.

    had lupus since 2002 going through bad spell at the moment been having a lot of tests scans etc and i can tell you thier is absolutly no back up whatsoever from health service ie gp hospital consultant or any one else feel like a nuisance to them.

  • Hi

    Men are an under represented group when it comes to Lupus research and often their voice is not heard. This is why I thought it necessary to focus on men's experiences living with the condition, and hopefully this will inform and bring changes from a health viewpoint. I will be glad to capture your experiences living with Lupus just get in touch when you ready so I can send you more details. Interviews can be done via Skype, telephone or face to face.

  • Quite interested in this, as you have said I also feel that us blokes are a bit under represented. I was diagnosed about 18 years ago and have been through a fair few extremely debilitating stages in my wee journey, you can get back to me via this site, Ewan

  • Hi

    Good to hear from you Ewan, I would like to hear yo lupus experiences. We can do the interview via telephone, skype or face to face. Please advise when you would available for an interview. You can get intouch with me via email or this blog or via mobile 07838301156

    Many thanks

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