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Does stress affect Lupus?


I have not been diagnosed as yet, but lupus has been mentioned as a possibility, I am under extreme stress at the moment, I could be homeless in a few weeks, as my landlady is selling the house we rent, and being on benefits makes trying to rent very hard.

Both my husband and I are in bad health, I am on high mobility DLA, and he is waiting to see a specialist for severe arthritis in several areas, which is rapidly getting worse, and even though I have tried , I can't get a job, employers see my problems and I can tell it puts them off, I can't blame them, my doctor has told me I cannot work as it is unsafe for me to do so, I run the risk of paralysis, because of spinal problems that they are not willing to operate on as I can still walk a bit.

I have a red rash across my nose and cheeks, and a bit on my forehead, which is getting worse since I heard I have to move, I wondered if lupus is affected by stress, or if it is just me,

I have had blood tests, I am not sure what for exactly, because I get very bad chest and stomach pain, for which I have been prescribed Omneprazole at the highest dose, twice daily, with unexplained fevers that come and go rapidly, and severe ectopic heartbeats most of the time, I take 5mg of beta blockers, which do not stop them completely.

A lot of other symptoms including dizzy spells tinnitus, Raynauds, joint pain, and restless leg syndrome with jerks all over the place, sleeping or awake, also dry eyes and mouth, skin and my nails are almost disintegrating, first time in my life.

Don't no what to do, I wish I just knew what other than stress and back problems is wrong with me! I feel sometimes I am not being taken seriously, and I am in constant pain.

Thanks, I went on a bit there, sorry!

I hope you are as well as possible,


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Yes - stress can exacerbate, or even bring on, lupus, and you sound as though you have plenty of stress in your life that might do it.

Plenty of people on this forum have been in similar situations and be able to advise about how to get help with your living situation.


wow Caz, you have got a lot to handle.

Firstly, yes stress can be a major factor in triggering lupus, but I think stress affects everyones health generally and will cause health problems.

Next, you need to speak to your local council housing office and tell them the situation. I hope you're on the council housing list, if not you need to get on it.

As for many of us, diagnosis is a waiting game and can be painfully slow but it takes persistence on your part and belief in yourself - go back to your gp, ask for a double appointment, list all your symptoms and run through the list asking what they can do to treat you now and ask them to support you by writing a letter of concern to your rheumy, asking for an earlier consultation.

Doctors aren't mind readers and I know some like to be told what you want from them - I'm the patient rep for my doctors surgery.

Make an appointment with your Citizens Advice Bureau listing all your problems that you have in top of your illness. They might be able to tell you where you can get help, plus they'll help fill out forms etc.

Good luck to you. :-):-)

I agree with Guildford, defo get to your council and ask about housing. Surely your circumstances will mean you are a housing piority. Most councils housing are run by housing associations where you will pay a rent to them. In return they will provide maintenance of the building. I can understand how stressful this all must be but work strategicly and remember you can only work one thing at a time. Any stress plays havoc with any chronic health condition. Please try and get support through the difficulty's. Family and friend's. Good luck xxx

Hi Caz, I really do sympathyse with you and feel for you. Ditto all the above.

If I get too stressed I have got so bad I have ended up being hospitalised in the past and that is the last thing you need right now. I was housed due to my medical needs and the housing association have been so helpful it is wonderful they have taken so much stress off me. As was mentioned above you should be made a priority by the housing people it might help if you can get your G.P. to write a letter for you to take when you go to see them to help back you up and stress how bad things are for you and the urgency for rehousing A.S.A.P. if necessary they may need to put you in emergency housing for a while and then get you a permanent address if your current landlord sells but hopefully with both you and your husband having bad health you can miss this stage and go straight to a new permanent address.

Good luck love and I look forward to seeing updates

Madmagz x


Thank you for the advice, I do appreciate it, I will go to the council today, I hope they can help, the thing that worries me is they will not want to think of our children, we have 3 at home, all adults, but don't earn much, and they will be homeless too.

Best regards, Cazx

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