Anyone watch that last episode of frankie last night featuring the lovely SLE young woman who was very very poorly?

I watched it with my other half who was really keen. he went v quiet....clearly saw the similarities. OK, the lupus thing was only a tiny bit of the episode, but it made me feel like crying: reminded me of my last awful days at work in '99, and the years of anxiety and pain etc that followed. Very disturbing. I hope it made an impression out there...that plenty of viewers actually grasped what the episode was trying to get across...not just some of the lupus symptoms, but also how really hard it is for us to carry on, and what a diff caring, proactive family & friends & doctors make to us....and that we do realise it can be as hard for our carers, at times, as it is for us! whatever, it's gotta be great to get this exposure for lupus.

am wondering: what did you guys on forum think of it?

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Loved the episode, have been watching them all and enjoyed the whole series and each week it deals with 2 different kinds of patients and their circumstances. I think the BBC did an excellent job even in a short time of explaining the subject from so many different angles, the patient, the Dr, the nurses, work, benefits and family.They obviously researched the illness thoroughly. I think it would be a great idea if Lupus UK were to contact the BBC and thank them for their exposure of the condition and suggest it could be incorporated into one of the soaps on a longer time scale (several episodes ) as a storyline, that could follow on in more detail of illness and what it's like to live with. Fantastic for spreading awareness, lets hope there are more programs featuring Lupus in the future, heaven knows there are enough of us out there.


YES: great idea: paul, are you reading what pattismith suggested?


Yes. I have passed along my thanks to the producers of Frankie, especially since they contacted us for a consult on the script whilst filming to ensure that the character was portrayed correctly and that any medical information was correct.

With regards to asking about getting a more long-running prominent character with lupus on a show, I love the idea and think it would really help with awareness, but I'm not sure I'd be able to influence it. The structure of the BBC and how they produce shows makes it difficult to get such a suggestion to the correct people. It is something I can look into, but I suggest people cross fingers very hard.

If anybody knows someone who writes for the soaps....put me in touch please?!


watched the programme frankie on tuesday night with a character who has lupus. It was well informed about lupus, but she had the option of going back to her parents when she got ill which not all people can do. It could of been better if it could've been covered over a few weeks to see the impact of DWP and not having any money which happens when you appeal, because DWP cut you off. need more lupus awareness and it's after effects. But happy to see lupus in a programme.


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