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SLE and thyroids

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has had a link with Sle and thyroid problems? I've been trying to get preg for 2 yrs now (fell really quickly with my last and only child) and for the last few months my periods have been getting less and less and last month they literally lasted an hour. I am only 31.

I have been told by my doc after a year and a half of testing and a trip to my rheumatologist that I have SLE just waiting on another app with my Rheumotoligist to confirm and decide the next step.

I have a range of symptoms aside from my horrific joint pain but the latest is the lack of periods.

Just wondering if anyone has had this? Xx

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yes i got sle with thyroid antibodys they got thyroid up to around normal levels but i,m male so cant help much


Yes, there can be a link between SLE, menstruation and thyroid malfunction Samantha. In my case, SLE attacked and had destroyed my ovaries by age 38 and was simultaneously attacking my thyroid. The latter ceased immediately I became menopausal. However, I don't want to alarm you as the course the disease takes can differ widely for everyone. x


Thank you both! Tiger lily how did they find out? X


I should explain I just got my blood results and they are satisfactory so I think they think its in my head but surely at 31 it's not normal I'm not getting a big period which is gradually getting shorter and shorter and one hr doesn't sound healthy to me, that and the fact it's been 2yra and still no pregnancy!


hi hun

I have thyroid problems (graves disease) and my periods are a nightmare and have been since been 15 im 28 now. I used to go months without a period but since my thyroidectomy they have been more regular but ALOT shorter over in 2 days and VERY heavy when before would be 5 days.

I was told at 15 I had pcos but I went to the gynea last year over abdo pain and was told its questionable if I have pcos.

Id ask your gp if you are the low or high end of normal with your thyroid. If my levels go to the low end of normal I feel terrible and feel best when im the very very top of normal...even tho my gp is not happy with them been that high. Id say you know your own body and if you dont feel right then go back to your gp or mention it to your rhuemy.

I hope you fall pregnant soon. We are wanting to try again soon and im worried that it might not happen...I have two children.

Good luck xxx


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