Please can I ask if anyone has been given this and what your experiences are.

When I was first under investigation following TIA and diagnosed with vasculitis and SLE ( the vasculitis is now under dispute with neuro who says vasculopathy) the rheumy I saw wanted to give me this treatment.

I was first given cyclophosphamide and then quite quickly Rituximab, once I had the Rituximab I was transferred to a different rheumy (something to do with biological drugs I think). I have brought up the plasmapheresis with his team once but they dismissed it.

I am really keen to find out if anyone has experience if it.



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Hi there,

I had this a few years ago due to having low platelets (TTP). I had a catheter inserted through my neck in order for the plasma exchange to take place. Unfortunately I did develop an infection in my line. The actually plamapheresis was quite intensive as I had to have it 25days straight for 3-4 hours a day. The process played havoc with my bowels and it wasn't a pleasant experience at all.

Despite this it did have the desired effect and my platelet count did rise.

All the best x


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