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can anyone help???

hi all i'v not bin around for had a bad chest infection which led me to have astma.....never had any astma or lungs problem before so hence now i'm on a inhaler twice a day as i can hardly breath i'v been told our friend is having a great time with my lungs

its been a very hard road to go down as sometimes i thought my time was up as i could'nt breath and had to have oxigen has anybody had the same problem???

on the road to recovery at last feel like my normal selfe ( yep batty as ever lol)

and also to add i have ended my marrage as he was totaly none supporting at all ( he was to drunk to take me to the hospital and thought i was huntting for symphathy if he only new ) so he went down the road think i have enough to cope with

love to you all

tracey x

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Hi Tracey,

Not having it easy at the moment hun are you. You may find you cope better on your own. Very scary when you cannot get your breath, tend to panic and that makes it worse. Try to keep your stress levels down as much as you can, not easy I know but we can only try.

Good luck




Tracey, Hoping that both personally, emotionally and health wise that all improves for 2012. Please try to keep positive and take one step as a time :)


hi there

yes my life has picked up a great deal....i try to stay as positive as if not a get a kiking from our friend

best wishes for 2012 xx


hi sue

yes my stress levels were very high at the time...but now its so much easyer on my own as i dont have to live in hell aswell as my sle...thankyou for your kind words sometimes thats all we need is kindness

take care

tracey x


Hello Tracey

Well done for kicking him out. Cant offer any great advice on you question. When I was put on steroids for a short while ~ I loved them! My lungs had never felt so good in all my life and I pleaded to be kept on them.

Stay strong and be well.


Hi Tracey

Stay strong, stay chilled, stay fiesty!

Best wishes for a good 2012.


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