Wee update

Hey everyone, hope your all well. i havnt been on in a while so just a wee update =] water tablets worked a treat, all the retention is now gone and am starting to feel a wee bit normal again, still have moon face because of the steroids but they are getting reduced now so hopefully it will start to calm down. My blood pressure is still a wee bit high at the moment and ive been taking Ramprill but have also been put on another one beginning wit A...i cant remember the name of it lol although ive had a bit of a nasty experience with this new one =/ had to get off the bus last week when i was on my way to college as i suddenly felt dizzy and my vision went blurry, my heart was beating like the clappers and i thought i was going to faint, safe to say i just went home and spent the day on the couch! the next day i took it and i was fine for over an hour but then when i had my dinner i brought it all back up and had a serious case of the shakes =/ will have to mention this to my doctor when i see her this Friday... hasnt happened since though so maybe just needed a little getting used to. i have also been given a very welcome replacement calcium supplement as i told my doctor that i wansnt taking the AdCal because...plain and simple...its RANK. so she gave me another thing beginning with A and i only have to take it once a week, but have to sit straight for half an hour after taking it as it can cause really painfull reflux...which i suffer from alot as it goes already... suppose if its gonna protect my bones then id rather that than the horrible chalky things =/ xxx


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