Hi everyone,

I am knew to this!

I haven't been diagnosed yet just going through the tests, it's been 10months now and all blood tests etc have pointed to SLE. I am just waiting on the rheumatologist who has a horrendous waiting time!

My symptoms started with what they thought was frozen shoulder 6months after the birth of my daughter 3yrs ago, this happened every six months then I got a steroid injection and it went for a bit! Then it came in both shoulder at the same time and I literally couldn't move so my doc did some tests and so the process began.

Since then my joint paint has went to my knees fingers and my toes are horrendous I literally can cry at the pain in my toes!

Now I don't know if this is lupus related but I feel my general health is a nightmare, my periods are irregular and some months non existent which is why I can't conceive a second child.

My skin is horrible very dull and spotty (used to be so healthy)

I have 'pee problems'

Feel EXHAUSTED literally exhausted most of the time.

I can get anxious and quite down which is just not me!

My eyesight is fine yet I sometimes see double and things can often be blurry and I literally can't walk out the door without sunglasses as even a slight bit of sun is sore to my eyes!

Now my symptoms come and go as does the joint pain and I can go for ages with no pain then bang it's back and worse.

Does this sound like anyone or am I going mad??


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  • Yes, this sounds like lupus very much, I am afraid. Hopefully the visit at the rheumtologist should result in some medication that will stabilize your lupus. Lots of people find relief with eating healthy diet. All the best.

  • Thank you petrof I know in my heart it is just having that confirmation will make me feel more settled! Thanks again :)

  • At least you are over the first and highest hurdle - actually getting a diagnosis. Things will hopefully begin to move forward now with treatment for you . We are all here for you with any concerns and worries, you are by no means alone xxx

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