Heart disease risk and diet


I just wanted to let you know I have posted some new information on my blog about diet and heart disease - I thought it might be of interest because evidence suggests that individuals with lupus are at increased risk of heart disease (possibly due to the inflammation associated with lupus)

Here is a link to the blog post


Wishing you all well

Ani x


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2 Replies

  • Heart disease is definitely a part of Lupus! I havn't been on for a few weeks as I spent end of December and New Year in the Cardiac Care Unit following a totally unexpected heart attack at the age of 41! This has frightened me half to death and the family feel pretty much the same way. All advice including dietary is much needed so thank you very much xx

  • Oh Natasha, I am sorry to hear about your heart attack, of course this was frightening for you. I really hope that your heart begins to get strong again now. There are many links on my website regarding diet so I am sure there will be something that might be useful to you.

    Take good care of your precious self

    Ani x

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