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Cathartic release!!!!

Hi everyone,

Can I just say a heartfelt 'thank you' to all who post. Although this is a first blog, I've read a lot of your posts, support and advice. For better or worse I've finally summoned up the confidence you've all given me to have a 'blow'...

I'm 55 with list of ailments like most of you.

Back in 2002 I had bloods but was never really told the outcome apart from arthritis. I was put on sulphasalazine('scuse spelling!) which I eventually came off as it didn't help. Stopped going to Rheumy as felt it was wasting their time and mine, everything was put down to an earlier hysterectomy.

But in the ensuing years again suffered various ailments. In 2008 I had an accident damaging knees and wrist. Continued getting various 'illnesses' with their pills,potions and injections - hypercondria united!!

I had another accident in 2010, damaging knees and ligaments. It now appears to have triggered the whole lot off again but twenty-fold, although records show I had 'a twisted gene' and other irregularities which I didn't know about in 2002.

2013 update briefly oesteo- and inflammatory arthritis, connective tissue disorder, probable lupus, with all it's wonderful playmates.... glaucoma with optic nerve damage, allergies galore and asthma, Oh and lost job too due to ill health.

To pile on further injury, have had to fill in the ESA forms, Atos etc...proving I've got limited capacity to work.....Hello....? I had my contract with Local Government terminated through ill health!!!!

Past few months have been horrible, everything is flaring and I'm getting more and more angry and depressed.Going back next week, to see what the final diagnosis is, even that's been prolonged as hospital cancelled previous appointment, so it's 7 months since I've seen Rheumy...and this will only be my third visit.

At least GP has been understanding when I said I felt like an hypercondriac and everything was in my head, going every couple of weeks with something else.." Your symptoms are your symptons, doesn't matter what everyone else thinks". Phewwww that feels better!

Hope I've not bored you too much and that many of you know where I'm coming from.

Thank you all again, keep up the good work.


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" Your symptoms are your symptons, doesn't matter what everyone else thinks" this!... sums it up perfectly!!

All the best with your appt...hope it goes well for you and that you make some progress xxxx


Thank you,

Yes, I thought for a GP this was refreshingly perceptive.

Hope as your tag suggests, that you truly are 'steadily moving forward' :)


yep... bit by bit! ;) xx


Hi lizzidrippin and welcome to the Lupus forum. Hope all goes well at your appointment, and you get everything sorted hun. Your GP sounds great, my GPs at my medical centre have been fantastic with me also, pity they are not all like ours. Good luck x


Welcome to the site Lizzidrippin, it is so good that we are here for each other and I too am fortunate to have a great GP who is supportive and understanding. Hope things improve for you and settle down soon,



Thank you, It is really humbling to realise that there are so many people who understand the trials and tribulations and I do realise that I am lucky to have found such a supportive GP.

Yes the past few months have been horrible, but they've actually been the icing on the cake. The past three years has seen physical and personality changes that I would never have thought possible. I fully empathise with everyone who talks about mood swings and lacking confidence,finding myself only comfortable with one good friend and hiding away from any other social event. You could say, cause and effect, though guess it should be effort and consequences.

Good luck to everyone and thanks again. xxx


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