THE LUPUS FITNESS DVD mentioned in a blog from Twist


I have just read a blog from Twist mentioning a fitness dvd on sale from Lupus America and people also commenting that it costs $30 to ship.

My partner and I are always looking for ways to help and contribute to our Lupus UK and our own people and as he conducts his business on the internet he is going to try and buy it through the business and then make it free for us all to download.


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  • Hi MandieR,

    How very thoughtful of you and your partner. Maybe Paul could work his charm and obtain it from Lupus America and then we could purchase it through Lupus Uk, just a thought !!!

  • We're actually discussing exercise DVDs in the office this afternoon. I'll get back to you on this if we have any developments.

  • Hi Beckside, good thought for sure xxx

  • Watching this space for more info :)

  • Hi thats a lovely idea, how thoughtful:) i have disciod lupus r/a astma etc. I used to love keeping fit but i get so tired an muscles ache from jst sitting so any exercisr wud be great did download a zuba dvd but can only do about 2songs lol. Hope your all having a pain free day! Happy lupus awareness day! Dont forget to wear purple today ;)xx

  • thank you!

  • Would love a lupus exercise DVD. Tried swimming but the resistance against my joints, particularly hands, was just too much. Then tried yoga but that was too much for my muscles argh!

  • Great idea .....thanks Paul :)

  • I aplogise if I have managed to step on anyones toes!!!!

    That was the last thing I wanted to do.

  • No, you're not stepping on our toes :)

  • awww bless you, thanks for that. I didnt really think before I wrote

  • An exercise DVD for Lupus sufferers is fantastic as it's so hard to find the right thing to do or an exercise that doesn't wipe you out. Whether it's available through the site or from MandieR can only be a good thing. Look forward to more news on this.

  • That would be fantastic!!! THANK YOU- and please keep us posted!! Hugs and kisses to you bothxxxx

  • Are there suitable exercises we can do while lying in bed ????? Mid flare - I just feel like a lump of meat, and am sure this is not good for body fluid circulation......

    Bring on the DVD !

  • Only just seen this! I am going to the US in September and have friends over there. I could get any shipped to him and then bring them back with me. :)

  • woo hoo ok that sounds great and it would help no end as my partner walked out on me two weeks ago so he wouldnt be able to do it now anyway xxx

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