I have had it with it all

I have had it with it all

I been told that I have eplisey as I have been taking fits about 6 weeks ago I had fits and went over my left ankle they xrayed it said nothing wrong today I went to A&E they looked at my old X-rays from 6 weeks ago she said that I had a break in my laterail bone today they xrayed again the break still there now they saying its an old break and what's wrong is a soft tissues I tired of it all I to go back in 2 weeks I would like to change the hospital that I go to as its the pits and its stuck in the 1960 am I able to move hospitals can anyone help

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  • What a nightmare Scotty! I don't think our right to choose where we're treated has been taken away from us but you may need to go through your gp again to find out your options or contact the NHS hotline or PALS. It sounds like you should make a formal complaint if your hospital is as bad as you say. As far as I'm aware you have a right to choose, to complain, to ask for a second opinion, even to sue. Good luck. :-):-)

  • You can self present at any A&E if you can get there. An ambulance is only likely to take you to a local hospital and you wont have any say.

    But if for instance you were visiting friends in the area of a particular hospital, or out and about for some reason, it would make sense to go to a hospital nearby other than the old familiar.

    Of course if they dont know you, they wont have any notes.

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