How can I begin,I have lupus for a very long time +- 14 yrs. I get bad joint pains and always so tired. I get a lot of headacks. I cant work any more, as soon as I start stressing then I feël sick I cant concentrate. Most of the Time I havent got energy to do anything. I am always deppressed. I worry alot about my future. I dont know were I am going to end up.I am married for 29 yrs now, but after all these years it is not working out. I dont get surport from my husband. Is it just my husband or is There other people with the same problem. Please excuse my spelling I am atually Afrikaans. Xxxx


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2 Replies

  • Hi there. You are not alone in this. I used to feel the same until I learned to pace myself on everything. I have lived with Lupus for +12years. When my body is in pain, I have to rest. I have learned to deal with stress though at times it is hard. Talk to more people, family, friends etc. lupus is a complicated illness which can be managed by medication and adjustment to day-to-day life. As for support from your husband don't despair as I have realized it is difficult for some to cope with this illness let alone understand how you feel. I had to let go my husband as he openly said he could not take it any more. Awareness of Lupus is vital especially to those close to us. As it says in the bible "nothing is impossible with our Lord GOD". I believe you can get support from most of us here. Take care and don't lose hope, you have come so far. Lets support each other

  • Hi so sorry your feeling this way you are not alone i have lived with lupus for over 23 years now, and as mentioned above you have to learn to take a step back and rest when you are feeling unwell, tired , and in pain as the saying goes roman was not built in day (LOL)Just do what you can little by little or you will be come a lot worst, we have to learn to live with this awful illness.

    Take care you are not alone xx

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