Am I going crazy?

I haven't been diagnosed yet, appointment with rhuematologist a week on Monday. Don't understand, for two days I've been feeling great, apart from a twinge in my ribs, a little back ache and not feeling half as tired and I'm feeling like a fraud. If I feel like this when my appointment day arrived what do I say? Is this a normal situation, I did think I was getting better last October for a couple of weeks I felt like this then it hit me again like a sledge hammer! Am I going crazy?

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  • This disease fluctuates, so I wouldn't worry and try not to wish yourself to be worse just so you can have something to tell the rheumatologist. He/she will start by looking at the blood tests anyway, then ask you how you feel, at which point it would be useful if you could list all the symptoms you're worried about and compare them with how you feel at the time. That will give the rheumatologist an idea of disease activity and together with the blood tests he/she will form a view. If all appears well at the time, it will be difficult to get a diagnosis on the day but that's understandable. Just persevere, nothing else you can do.

  • Thank you for your reply, greatly appreciated.

  • This happens to me almost every appointment. It's like your toothache going when you go to the dentist. A list of symptoms you have been experiencing will be helpful to take with you. Good luck.

  • Don't feel I'm going as crazy now, thank you.

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