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Unable to walk due to severe weakness in left leg



My mom was diagnosed with SLE and ILD 4 years ago. In the last 24 hours she hasn't been able to walk by herself. Walking would be painful even earlier but this her legs haven't been this weak before.

Our rheumatologist is not available for the next 2 days and other doctors are only prescribing pain killers.

I wanted to know if someone has faced something similar and what has been the cause. Is it just a flare or could this be something much more serious.



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I am sorry to read about your mother - I'm sure you are both anxious about these symptoms.

Unfortunately, only a clinical examination can determine the cause and diagnosis. There is little point in guessing & please don't trawl the Internet because this may only increase your anxiety - only your rheumatologist will know how to alleviate the symptoms and determine the cause.

Please let me know how your mom gets on.

With good wishes,


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