Liver biopsy results

I have had a small amount of information regarding my liver histology. After battling with hospital to get them, my GP has had them faxed to her. She admits, that the info is far too complicated for her to decipher, but the methotrexate I took for 18mths, has caused damage to my liver. I stopped metho 2years ago. GP says liver is trying to repair itself. She used the word portal, and the TMPT blood test, that I had, shows a small amount of enzymes.

Gastro secretary rang me yesterday, I asked about a follow up appt. said she will try and sort it out.

I know that this small histology info, is not really enough to go by, but does this mean, no immunosuppressants for me now ???

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  • I am sorry to read this information. You really need to see a lupus specialist who would be able to advise you. They may even ask a liver expert for a consult.

    I should imagine this is an anxious time for you.

    With good wishes,


  • Thanks, Ros, yes it is and still no news or appts. I have held up my end of the bargain. Had biopsy, went for many blood tests, and at my insistence, a urine sample was taken, which had a lot 'going on' with it, was sent off in May, and zero response from all. Have been dipstick testing my urine for a couple of months, to check for diabetes. That was good, but all sorts of other positives were shown everyday, including, heamolytic blood. As I had a total hysterectomy 2005, and don't get UTI probs, I felt this should be looked at. Rheumy said will send away to lab as it was not good, also said I need a urologist. No word about that either. Thanks for reading my frustrated feelings, and bothering to reply...v. Much appreciated

  • You have every reason to be angry and frustrated. Can't your GP speak to your rheumatologist and insist action be taken immediately? The only other recourse is to keep phoning your rheumie's secretary until s/he deals with it. Do you have a date for another appointment with your rheumatologist?

    No one should be left in this situation. It conveys a lack of care and responsibility.

    With good wishes,


  • Yes it does. GP said for me to ring gastro every week, until i get on their nerves. Rang rheumy secretary. Next appt is jan 2015, should have been sept this year. She said she won't see rheumy til Thursday, so have to see what she says.

  • Well, another week has passed with no proper results or follow up appts. I have phoned and chased all week, to no avail, but today, I rang my GP surgery, and spoke to a different dr. This GP, interpreted the histology, with a tiny bit more info. Further testing has been done, but the histology, only says that. Obviously, those findings were not back. She repeated that methotrexate has damaged my liver, and in her opinion is irreversible. There were some white cells found, and that is to be deciphered, and fibrosis was a term used too. So still playing the guessing game. However, GP has sent a letter to gastro. No joy back from rheumy, so am at my wits end now....fingers crossed for GP letter.

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