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Help! I have a squamous carcinoma T2N in my right lung. I had the same in my neck two years ago which was removed followed by chemo and radio. I can't have surgery or radio this time due to the cells in the nodes. I start GemCarbo chemo in a couple of weeks. I feel less positive this time for some reason and wanted a little reassurance from anyone in a similar situation?

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Dear Scootermode51

I am not very well informed on different types of cancers, however, I was diagnosed with T2N cancer in both lungs last August. I really thought my 'chips were up' but have been able to take Iressa and this has helped me to lead a normal life - so far. Is this of any help?

My consultant told me when I first heard the news ' you will never feel so awful as you do today' - well emotionally and physically so far he was absolutely right. I wish you well and hope all goes well on the next stage. Best wishes, Greyholme77

Dear Greyholme77

Thank you for taking the time to answer, I am really pleased for you that your treatment is helping. I don't know anything about Iressa, or didn't until I read a couple of posts on here. It is still early in the process and I am hoping the chemo will have a good impact when I start it. I think in the main that having surgery last time (a radical neck dissection) made me feel like great I have had the worst of it taken out and the follow up chemo and radio therapy was tolerable. This time because they cant operate it feels more real more scary I suppose, particularly if it doesn't have an immediate impact. Thank you for your help.

Dear Scootermode, as greyholme, mention I am also not quite sure about the different cancers. But I found out last July that I had several tumours in both lungs and in operable I thought that was it for me but I started on Iressa and it is still going strong all my tumours have shrunken significantly! So there is always HOPE! Wishing you well and good luck for your next stage. Georgie x

Hi Georgie

Thank you I am so pleased to hear your making such good progress. It must be so scary to be told you have more than one tumor and in both lungs. I know there are no hard and fast rules, but it makes me hopeful that as I have found out early that I will get a good result too, as your doing so well right now. Long may it continue for you. scootermod x

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