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My Husband

Just feeling a little down so thought I would share my fears. My husband was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in June which has spread to his bones. He has a very unstable bone in his neck so was given 5 doses of radiotherapy. This gave him terrible side effects to his mouth and throat which still haven't cleared. He finds it difficult to eat and has lost 2.5 stones. He has also had one dose of chemo which put him in hospital with chronic diarrhoea and neutropenic sepsis. We are seeing his oncologist on Tuesday and both he and my husband say no more chemo. I know that I have to support my husband in whatever he decides but I am scared about his future without treatment I know that the chemo was palliative but what else can they use to prolong his life. Thanks for reading this.

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This must be a very scary time for you Jacyann and I am so sorry your husband is struggling with the side effects of don't say how long ago the radiotherapy was, but those side effects should slowly resolve. Get someone to check he does not have any mouth infection which is delaying the healing process. Chemotherapy is a really tough treatment, and some people are not able to tolerate the side effects, it just makes their quality of life so poor and puts them at risk of serious illness from complications. Your oncologist wiill want treatment to improve his life not make it worse. Obviously I don't know the details of your husbands illness, do you have a lung cancer specialist nurse you can turn to. Your oncologist may have requested an EGFR test on the biopsy your husband will ave had to diagnose him, if this was positive (only very small numbers are) then there may be another form of tablet he can use. Sadly for some people in lung cancer life prolonging drugs/ treatments make them worse not better and the oncologist will use measures to control symptoms rather than control the disease. Use everyone at your disposal, lung cancer nurse, Macmillan, support groups ect to gain both information and support. Sometimes it is the unknown that is the most frightening thing of all. Good luck on Tuesday I will be thinking of you and have my fingers well and truly crossed


Hi Jackyann

It's a horrible situation to be in. I can see why your hubby doesn't want more chemo, but I also know how it did so much good for me and others. As Lucykate says, get as much good advice and assistance from the likes of Macmillan as you can.

Best wishes, Bill


Thanks for your messages. Will let you know what Tuesday brings.


To Jackyann,

So sorry to hear your hubby isn't doing so good on the chemo treatment, how how hard this must be for you. I can only repeat what Bill and luckykate have said get as much good advice as you can from your cancer nurse, oncologist, Macmillan etc. wishing you both lots of luck and will keep you in my prayers.

Good luck for Tuesday.

Best wishes, Georgina x


Hi Jackyann,

Im sorry to hear your husband and yourself are going through such a difficult time and i hope tuesday will bring some good news,

I too had problems eating and drinking following my radiotherapy as it was targeted at my mediastinum so caused oesophagitis (inflammation of the oesaphagus) I went down to 7 stone too and couldnt swallow and remember on boxing day 2007 refusing to get in the car to go for my treatment so I understand too how your husband is glad to say I did complete my treatment and finally put my weight back on ( and a bit more!) I ate lots of icecream and thin soups like baxters cock a leekie and found starchy foods such as mash even irratated my oesophagus. The hospitals dietician may be able to help you too. Would your husband be able to sip ensure/enlive drinks (these are meal replacement drinks used in hospitals full of vitamins and minerals) throughout the day and are available on prescription from your GP it may take away a bit of the pressure of having to eat a meal.

Thinking of you both,

Michele x


Hi Jackyann, I am sorry to hear you and your hubby are having such a hard time. There are no easy answers. Just wanted to send you a big hug and encourage you to stay strong x


Thank you all for your lovel and caring advice.


My husband was diagnosed with NSLC in June. Two lung tumors and in lymph system. He is tolerating the chemo pretty well. I am so sorry you and your husband are going through this. I have promised my husband at anytime any point he can decide when he wants no more treatment. I know that will be a tough promise to keep. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Dorcas


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