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The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
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Have you had surgery for lung cancer?

Would you be willing to share your experiences by answering a few questions about how you felt and the information you received before you had your surgery?

We are looking for people to take part in a survey that will help us to improve the information provided to people getting surgery for lung cancer.

If you are able to help us please get in touch by emailing Jennifer on info@roycastle.org

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Dont know if my comments will be relevant. Previous to surgery I was giving no information at all. Only when I was on the operating table I asked what they were going to do and was told I would be having all of my left lung removed, followed by chemotheraphy. During surgery my tumour was found to be localised and smaller than believed 3 x 4 x4 stage 2 . Afterward they said thats it, I was sent home to get on with it. Its now nearly 23 years and counting!!!

All the best, Terry


Thanks Terry,

That must have been a frightening time for you.

I hope that in more recent years patients will have a more positive experience of information giving prior to surgery and the opportunity to ask questions.

I'm so glad that your outcome was so much more favourable than you had expected, and it will give hope to others who read your story.

Best Wishes,



I had a small squamous nodule on my lower right lung only found because I had an xray in connection with emphysema. I had a wedge resection 5 years ago and was given the all clear early this year. I was lucky to have been diagnosed very early and to have had surgery promptly, I was kept informed and was happy with the treatment I recieved, however in April this year (only weeks after being "cleared" I had a scan in connection with digestive problems and was told very casually that a nodule was showing on my upper right lung and that I'd probably have a scan in October!! this was not because anyone was particularly anxious (except me) but just to check if it had grown or altered. I certainly didn't feel that my agitation and anxiety was considered and wrote to the consultant and asked for an appointment to discuss it, I was absolutely frantic and did get an appointment and the scan has been brought forward, only by a few weeks though and I'm really concerned that 6 months have gone by since this nodule was discovered although the consultant said it is very tiny and may be nothing significant, it's still a scary time.


My platlet count was low and i was sent to Oncologist he ordered an x-ray ,came back abnormal.This led to CT scan and then PET scan.

Was told to quit smoking and the middle lobe on left lung would be removed done Nov 2004.

Afterwards it was decided i wouldn't need Chemo or Radiation due to size.

Oct 2007 cancer found on Lymph node .Had 9 treatments of Chemo along with 37 Radiation treatments.

I developed Nueropathy from the Chemo in fingertips and feet.Back below shoulder blade has been aching and haven't had any luck finding a cure for either.Tried Steroid shots to spine and dry needling .


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