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Managing pain after surgery for lung cancer - can you help us?

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We are busy putting the finishing touches to our newly improved Surgery for Lung Cancer booklet and are looking to include a quote in the section "How will I manage my pain?" We only need a few lines, so we can use it as a quote. Don't worry, we won't print your name unless you are happy for us to.

Please either post here or e-mail us at if you can help? (Would need the quote by Thursday at latest!).

Many thanks

Information Team

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Initially, take the pain relief every 4 hours whether you think you need it or not. It is better to keep the pain under control than letting it 'peak and trough'. You will recover quicker and this will allow you to start moving around with ease eliminating the risks of surgery (PE, chest infection, constipation etc)

I took Paracetamol and Tramadol four times a day, though while in hospital after the op, I had a line to morphine as well, to use as and when I needed it. Unfortunately, because the op wasn't entirely successful (there was another tumour behind the one that was removed and this had gone through the chest wall), I am still in pain 10 weeks after the op and am starting chemo tomorrow. In the meantime I was taken off Tramadol and put on to Gabapantine, Fentanol patches and liquid morphine, having been taken off Gabapantine. Confused? So am I.

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Thanks so much for your prompt replies.

I took paracetomol every 4 hours for the first couple of weeks and then just at night for a further couple of weeks.

Everyone is different of course. I know of one lady who is still in pain after 11 weeks

I still have pain even now after two and a half years, I have been given Amitripyline 10 mg one or two each night. These were given to me by my surgeon 12 months ago. I did have the complete removal of my left lung. The pain seems to be worse at night.

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