Positive or helpful quotes need for Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Targeted Therapies for lung cancer booklets

We are currently producing a new information pack for people with lung cancer and are looking for quotes to include in each of the treatment booklets. If you or a loved one has had either chemotherapy, radiotherapy or a targeted therapy for lung cancer, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share any helpful short quotes on your experiences. Here is an example of a quote we are using in one of the booklets, "Sometimes you do push yourself but you have to listen to your body. If it's telling you to rest for a couple of days, you rest". Michele, Liverpool

Please share your experiences to help others by providing us with any short statements or quotes about your treatment which others may find helpful.

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  • Helping chemo by self help too, is all about negative out of the window and positive in side yourself. Keep feeling good inside each day goes by.

  • Always remember that you are not alone, there is either family, friends, McMillan nurses and even all of us on the website here to help, advise or just listen.

  • No-one likes Chemo or any form of cancer treatment, but with support from family and loved ones you can get through it. Remember it takes a toll on them too.

    Stay strong, you are not alone.


  • You've got the cancer, the cancer hasn't got you

  • Thanks everyone. Very helpful. Please keep them coming!

  • Every extra day is a day to be loved and lived to the full.

  • Taking "Iressa" for me is an easy way to a kind of normality, considering that I am still battling lung cancer. Is a painless easy way to a normal life!

  • Radiotherapy was more challenging for me after, and I had to be brave the following months, as I had a chest infection and a lesion on my gut. But during the radio-sessions I was fine, and I was wondering where was the big fuss for something so painless (I only had to stay still for a few minutes and that's it!) It took more time to undress and get ready, and the all thing was over. Fantastic stuff considering the results after a few months... The tumours were gone: eradicated!

  • The side effects of Tarceva are manageable for me ,I can still carry on in my normal routine ,which means I pace myself and make sure I stop before I get too tired,this drug is working realy well for me.

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