When will I feel a bit better?

Hi all, I am new here. Wow what a whirlwind 3 weeks ive had!!!!

On 26th of July i was diagnosed with sclc t4 n3 m1b to brain, I started on chemo etoposide and cisplatin on Tuesday 31st July. I had not been feeling great for about 8months previously but nothing specific. Since my diagnosis I seem to have pain in my back and have been coughing so much. Chemo went well and so far no major reaction to it (now day 9).

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  • Hi,

    so sorry you are going through this. I haven't had traditional chemo but know a few people who have, it does knock you about a bit and can make you feel very tired. I'm glad it went well. Sclc does usually respond very well to chemo. I didn't want to leave your post unanswered.

    I met someone on holiday last year with a similar diagnosis to you and he was looking a feeling great and that was 7 years later. You have to believe there is hope.

    Take care

    Lyn x

  • Hi lynba,

    Thank you so much for replying. Its hard to cope some days, although generally I have been very positive.


  • I hope everything gets better for you. I care for my husband who has lung cancer which has spread and is deemed incurable. He has good and bad days - we find it useful to live day by day and enjoy the 'small' big things in life that would go unnoticed in our previousw life.

  • xxx

  • Try not to worry about when you will feel better, just focus on the belief that you WILL feel better somewhere along the line. My Mum was so terrified by the prospect of long-term illness during chemo that she had a stroke. Try to imagine you are pacing yourself for a marathon. You will suffer somewhat along the way, but it will be worth it when you finish the race.

  • Sorry about your Mums stroke


  • I can sympathise with your feelings. My husband has recently been diagnosed with a rare, aggressive neuroendocrine tumour which has metastised to his liver and cells have spread to the lung. They are treating him for sclc with carboplatin and etoposide, he has had one course and is feeling completely exhausted. He has only been unwell since April and had no previous symptoms. We are trying to be positive but it is very hard when you are not feeling well. He knows he is going to lose his hair after the next treatment but it will be a small price to pay if the chemo works and shrinks the tumours to make him feel more comfortable. I hope all goes well for you; it is good to be able to share ones feelings and experiences on this site.

  • Thank you for the replies.

    I was 54 last Wednesday, so am fairly fit generally, and got lots of great family around me. My heart goes out to all of you suffering from this terrible illness.

    Maurina I am going for a wig fitting today as I will also be losing my hair. Think I will prefer to wear bandanas though.

    Good luck to each and every one of you


  • Be Bold and Go Bald!!! It's a trendy look!!!

  • He he!!!! maybe


  • Sorry to hear you are having to go through this. You need to think about one day at a time and be positive. You should read some of the stories of survivors on here they will help you to stay positive when your having a bad day!

    Can't actually answer your question as my treatment is different to yours. I was diagnosed on 2nd July with NSCLC. Stage 4 as it spread to my both lungs and spores are all over and attached to my Pericardium. I started 4 days ago on Iressa as I proved positive for EGFR. I have just started to get rashes around my mouth and arm. If that's all I get then I am lucky.

    Stay Positive and Good Luck x

  • Good luck Georgie1, I also have it in both lungs.

    Hope your treatment goes to plan.


  • God bless you guys for what you are going through. If you can try to have a chuckle along the way, it could make your day easier. I am the eldest of three middle-aged brothers who nursed our mum through this round the clock. The best thing we did for each other was to try to have a laugh and keep things light-hearted. I know your predicament can be depressing, but remember: your glass is half full every day. When you wake up in the morning, don't start on a slump "I feel rough today"....look to the positive "A lovely sunny day". Every little bit helps.

  • Well done you boys looking after your Mum, I agree totally with you a bit of laughter goes a long way and this is what my family and friends are doing for me.


  • Hi, I was treated last year with cisplatin & elimpta for a tumour in my right lung. I found a number of things helped. The week after my treatment was the worst, but it got slightly better each day. I found that I had to change pretty well everything I ate or drank as things didn't taste the same. I really enjoyed drinking tonic water for instance as it tasted as it should to me & was quite refreshing. I still take a couple of spoonfuls of natural honey a day, ( if your diabetic may not be appropriate). Cheddar cheese was the only one that was palatable to me as was toast. I also found chicken in white sauce with rice in very small portions kept me going.

    I found that having a number of cat naps during the day helped, as did taking my dogs for a short walk, as soon as I was able, even if only for 10mins.

    I'm still having treatment, (not the above), & I have found that audiobooks help me relax. There are millions out there, you can join "Audible" for a few pounds a month & get a new book each time. I get comfy in the sitting room & let the story take my mind off the situation for a bit, I also find they help me get to sleep & if I wake at night help me not start thinking negatively.

    I don't know if this is helpful , I hope it is, I know I found that its what seem like the silly little things that make all the difference.

    I hope your treatment goes well with as few side effects as possible & that you have a lovely time this christmas. Bets of luck & very best wishes.

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