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Advice/experience/options on treatment please

My Mum's lung cancer was missed on an xray a year ago and now has a 10cm tumour in left lower lobe next to heart (but not attached to it). She also has two lymph nodes affected in middle of chest but on same side as the tumour. No other spread. Nhs (we are in the uk) are proposing chemo and normal radiation or just chemo to try to clear nodes and shrink tumour so the possibility of traditional surgery may then be an option. But would i would appreciate anyones experience/opinion on the best treatment. Could tomotheropy help my mother? we must shrink the tumour away from the heart and clear the 2 lymph nodes. We would be paying privately. My mother is 58, very fit and has excellent lung function tests. She has non-small cell squamous lung cancer. She gave up smoking nearly 8 years ago. Thanks in advance x

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So sorry to hear about your Mum's diagnosis, and the fact it was missed a year ago. My understanding is that the Doctor's would want to do chemo straight away to try and shrink the tumor and fight the lymph nodes and any other spread. Then hopefully they can consider surgery. The fact the lymph nodes are on the same side is good. This was the first course of action for my husband. Once they see results from Chemo they will make further plans. If you go to Cancergrace you can post a question directly to the Oncologists about Tomotheropy - I found them really helpful.

Where is your Mother being treated? Have you sought a second opinion?

Wishing you strength to cope at this difficult time - good luck.



Lorraine from the Foundation here, sorry that you and your mum are facing this difficult experience. It is worth talking through the best treatment options with the lung cancer nurse and her medical team. General information is available via our website including this booklet on answering your questions

best wishes




I too have/had? the same type of cancer too near the heart for surgery - I am now 5 weeks post chemoradiation. I see the oncologist on 23rd August, I have been told by my Lung Specialist Nurse to be patient as the treatment is still working; she said once my oncologist has seen me he may then arrange a scan so until then I will not know how effective the treatment has been. I am feeling much more positive than I was at diagnosis, I think this is mainly because I have 'come to terms with it' plus I am much stronger and a born fighter and meeting so many other sufferers has helped. I wish your Mum a GOOD result whatever treatment regime she has. regards Jenny.


Thank you for all your replies x


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