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Short Anonymous Research Survey!

(This study has been reviewed prior to posting this message and has been given a favourable rating by the Work, Health & Organisations Research Ethics Committee!)

Hi everyone reading this!

My name is Darren Reynolds and I am currently a Rehabilitation Psychology MSc student at the Institute of Work Health & Organisations, at the University of Nottingham in the UK. My supervisor, Dr Neil Coulson, and I are looking to investigate how membership engagement in online support groups for lung cancer may benefit members and if so, in what ways.

We are looking for users of lung cancer online support groups/discussion forums (such as this one!) to answer a short anonymous survey. It doesn't matter if you only read messages (e.g. you have not made an account) or whether you are a regular active poster of this site, your views are equally important!

We are collecting data by means of a short online anonymous survey which is to be answered by members of varying online engagement. If you wish to take part you will first be asked to answer a few questions relating to the extent of which you use this community and then you will be asked to determine your overall online experience by means of rating various outcomes.

Please note all answers are completely anonymous and if for whatever reason you decide you would like to exit the survey at any time you may do so without having to provide a reason.

In order to take part you must however meet the following criteria:

1) You have been diagnosed with lung cancer

2) You are aged 18 years or older

3) You are a user of a lung cancer online support group/discussion board or forum ('user' can mean poster and/or reader)

The survey itself along with some additional information as well as some frequently asked questions can be found at the link below:

A massive thank you to everyone who shares their views and helps us with this research! We've tried to make the survey as short as possible, and we estimate it will take approximately 10 minutes!

If you have any questions/comments feel free to post a comment on this blog, or you can privately e-mail me at

Many thanks!

Darren :-)

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Hi everyone! Just to let you know if you're interested in participating in this study I will require your response by around the week ending August 10th.

Big thanks to everyone who has already taken part, would love to hear from more users regardless of whether you are an active poster of these boards or if you only read messages!


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