Value of Lung Cancer Nurse Specialists Survey

Together with the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses and MHP Communications, the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation has compiled a questionnaire to find out how patients and carers value their Lung Cancer nurses. We would be very grateful if you would take the time to complete the Survey monkey. The results will be complied in a booklet which we hope will help to maintain and even boost Specialist Nurse posts throughout the uk.

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  • Hi I am new to the site. Only just found out I have lung cancer so perhaps a little early to do the survey. However when I tried to open the link I got an error application page so could not access the survey. may be worth checking. :)

  • Hi, I'm having problems too....sure it will be sorted, maybe try again tomorrow. Kt

  • Hi all, I've removed the full stop, so it should be good to go now!

  • Hi its jilly girl again, dont think the survey applys to me just yet as I am waiting a exploratory op before they decide what treatment they are giving me. But my lung specialist nurse is superb. and been there every visit .

  • Hi Jillygirl, thank you for your posting.

    As you have had contact with a Lung Specialist Nurse, I absolutely think that your experiences are still very valid, please just complete what you can.


  • Hi beth, I chose to use the palliative care nurses rather than the lung specialist nurse mainly because I worked with them in my previous job so knew them although I know I have access to a lung nurse specialist if I need to. I have completed the survey.

  • Hi Chelemc,

    Thankyou for completeing the survey.

    Best Wishes,


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