Would you be interested in answering a short anonymous survey regarding your use of online lung cancer support groups/discussion boards?

Hi everyone,

I have just made a blog post regarding a short online anonymous survey I am running for anyone who has been diagnosed with lung cancer and uses online support groups/forums/discussion boards (such as this site!) as part of a research project for my Masters Psychology degree. It would mean a lot if you could spare a few minutes to complete the survey, but please note it is entirely voluntary!

You can find out more information regarding the study as well as the actual survey link from the blog post below:


Many thanks,


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  • Hi Darren,

    I thought I had completed your survey recently,perhaps not, since above it reads no answers?,I did however decide to complete it,again? but I am having problems accessing the actual survey,all I get when I click on your link at the surveymonkey home page asking me to compile a survey?.I have been having problems with my laptop in opening links,usually to video clips I have been sent as attachments,My daughters boyfriend is a computer genius who has offered to fix my problem by taking control of my laptop remotely,however getting hold of him has yet eluded me.Best wishes with your project,if you can check I did make a return to you,my email address is ebsw07099@blueyonder.co.uk

  • Hi there,

    Unsure as to why the link wouldn't be working. If you copy and paste the following link into your browser it should open automatically in a new window.


    If you are still having problems then let me know!


  • Glad we sorted that out Eric! :-)

  • Hi I ve just completed your survey it didnt take long at all, Good luck with your masters!

  • Thanks so much for your time!

  • This was quite interesting to fill out, especially the last few questions as they made me have to think! Good luck with the research Darren.

  • Done, good luck Darren :)

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