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My Mum is home

Hi alll

Mum finally came out of hospital yesterday, we are very relieved and pleased to have her home. It is so nice being able to visit her with the girls and my Dad has missed her terribly.

She had a shaky first day and night, but has had a good day today. She has oxygen at home and my brother managed to pick up a second hand wheelchair in a charity shop so when she's a bit stronger we'll be taking her out and about. We're taking baby steps with her, encouraging her eating etc. etc. It's still very bizarre at times when I see her and remember how she was, but I guess we'll all get used to her limitations and remain hopeful that she will regain strength and be able to do more things. She is very acceptant of how she is, which I think is amazing, she doesn't rant about how unfair it is (I do!) and she just wants to focus on getting better day by day.

Piper had a ride on her wheelchair yesterday, so she was more than happy!

I'm trying to attach a picture of my Mum with all her grandchildren at Piper's party, but no success so far. I'll keep trying. If I manage, mine are the 2 youngest.

As always, it's good to share with you all!



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Hi Alli

So pleased for you & your family xx


Geat news Alli.

Bill x


Thats great news Alli xx


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