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My Mum - Update

Thank you for your responses to my previous blog, it helps to read other peoples experiences and to hear from people who really understand what we as a family are going through.

My Mum has had a rough time, she had the fluid drained from her lung and that took a few days, in the meantime two departments argued amongst themselves about what to do next, radiotherapy on her chest tumour or a stent to stop it pressing against a main artery. Finally a stent was put in on Friday and the tumour was 1mm away from the main artery from the heart to the brain, it was touch & go. Mum is still in hospital and is starting radiotherapy on her chest and underarm tomorrow. They are blasting her for a week. My Dad thinks they are chucking everything at her to see if it helps and will then review the results in a few weeks time. Her next scan is on 17th May so I guess we'll find out then whether the Tarceva and radiotherapy have had any affect.

Mum has been told she should have oxygen at home and consider either making a bedroom downstairs or getting a stair lift. I would never have believed my strong, independent, determined Mum could get to this stage so soon, if ever. I truly believed when she was diagnosed that she would have a few rough months and then be on the road to recovery. Can she come back from this? Is this quite normal during treatment? So many questions still and some I am afraid to ask.

Hope you are all well.

Alli xx

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Hello Alli

Good to hear from you. It seems that there is a lot happening at the moment and you are experiencing natural anxiety and fear which is awful. Obviously you need your questions answered and the best people to do that must be your Mum's LCNS and Oncologist. Also, it is very important that you and your family have as much support as possible as you have to meet your own needs at this most difficult time. Don't struggle Alli, seek as much help as possible and take one day at a time although I understand that won't be easy. I apologise if this isn't too helpful but I hope you will take some comfort from knowing everyone here is wishing you well. You are in my thoughts, take care. Joanna x


Hi Alli

I can't say anything more than Joanna has. Just know that we're all on your side and keeping you in our prayers. Bill x


Hi Joanna & Bill

I was with my Mum at the BRI until she went in for her 1st radiotherapy today, she's a little emotional, but otherwise staying strong. My Dad is managing to cope with it all, despite the obvious stress, he stays with my mum every day. We're hoping she will come home on Wednesday. I have to remain hopeful that the treatment will work, I have been talking to Mum about going on holiday as soon as she's able and she's keen! Mum & Dad met in Majorca 45 years ago, so I think it would be amazing to go back there with them, my Partner and our 2 girls. That's my plan!

I'll keep you updated.

Alli xx


Hi Ali....well I understand completely how you feel. My mum is also fighting lung and chest cancer , mum had radiotherapy 2 years ago and chemo before christmas. She couldnt have anymore and is now on Tarceva, Right now my mum is in the hospice for some respite for her and also a rest for my dad, but I have to say that up until two weeks ago my mum was coping and has had some nice times. We have all been there for each other, we are a small family, and havent had to go through this before. Its very hard. My mum has always been so active and its heartbreaking to watch. My mum is always smiling and never once complained throughout it all, this keeps me strong. I agree with a previous comment re asking all concerned whatever you want to know. I havent, through fear, but wish that I had done. last night my sister and myself sat with our mum for hours and looked through the memory book that we made, the book we started when mum was first diagnosed. its a kind of this is your life book, we laughed a lot last night. at old photos and comments from friends and family. Even if mum gets better ? this experience has brought us even closer. I wish you all the luck in the world Ali, make every day count.

all the best

Joyfulsoul x



Thank you for your email, you obviously understand completely, as does everyone on this post. Things are very tough at the mo, it is Piper's 3rd birthday today and I took her into the family room at the hospital so my Mum could see her and Siena. My mum is on oxygen pretty much the whole time as she has trouble with her breathing and has to be in a wheelchair, it was heartbreaking seeing her so frail when I know all she wants to do is scoop the girls up and play with them. Siena doesn't really recognise her as she hasn't seen her for a couple of weeks, it is the worst thing ever and I'm really struggling.

Sorry to be so emotional, it's been a tough day! We have also postponed Piper's party till this weekend as we thought Mum may be out of hospital, but she's taking another turn for the worse. She only had a routine x-ray 5 months ago, I'm still unable to come to terms with what's happening and the speed of it. I really want to believe that this is the way it is in the early treatment but she will get a break soon and be able to live life again, but it's difficult to stay positive.

I hope you continue to enjoy your time with your Mum and her break in the hospice does her and your dad the world of good.


Alli xx


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