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My Mum - an amazing day!

Well, mum is still in hospital, hoping she will get out sometime next week. However, we had a family party today for Piper's 3rd birthday and mum was allowed out for a few hours. It was amazing, a little emotional at times as my nephews and neice hadn't seen her for 3 weeks and were a little upset. She was in a wheelchair and had oxygen, but the important thing is she is improving and it shows something that the hospital staff were happy for her to come out for a few hours. Mum had a fantastic time and I think it has given her a real boost, she has lost a lot of weight but seems to have turned a corner with food and is trying really hard to eat more. Although she still has trouble breathing sometimes, she is getting stronger and we all know she is a strong woman emotionally so let's hope she is on the up!

I can't tell you how much it meant to have her here for my daughter's party. She has been such an instrumental part of my life, particulary since I became a mum myself and I know how much she would have hated to miss Piper's party.

We brought the cake out with candles on, but were unable to light them due to mum's oxygen - didn't think it was worth the risk blowing her up seeing as she is doing so well! Piper pretended to blow out candles so my mum didn't miss a thing. The birthday buffet also made a lovely change from hospital food and I packed her (& most of my family) off with a doggy bag. As my mum has always done, I completely mis-judged the food and had masses left. Guess we'll be eating cold pizzas, sausage rolls and quiche for a while!

I will post a photo next time of my mum with all her grandchildren - I think it was a reminder of all she has to fight for, not that she had forgotten, but with all she has had to deal with, she lost a little bit of her spirit. This is now back..............


Alli xx

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Hi Alli

This is the kind of medicine your mum needs - and the rest of your family too.

Great to hear this kind of news and long may it continue. :)

Bill x


Hi Alli,

Thanks for sharing such a happy family birthday story,it was so well written,made me wish I had been present.Please pass on my best wishes to your Mum for a complete and speedy recovery,perhaps she can drop us a line when she is feeling better.

PS, can you send me one of your doggy bags please.


Hi Alli,.

So happy your mum was able to make Pipers party, can't wait to see the pic xx


Thanks for your comments! Eric, we have finally got through the food, but I'll be sure to bear you in mind next time.

Can't seem to load a picture, will check which format I have them stored in although I'm not a computer whizz!



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