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Hi, my Mum seems to be in almost constant pain, which she is having trouble controlling. Is this normal in someone with NSCLC, with deposits elsewhere? She is not a lady who would let pain get on top of her normally, but some days she really can't leave the house. She is only 3 weeks into her Tarceva and only 5 months into diagnosis so maybe I am expecting (or hoping) for too much too soon. It's just so hard to see her suffering. I would appreciate hearing your experiences.

Alli x

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  • Hi Alli. Wish I could give you some helpful advice but although I had NSCLC., I wasn't on Terceva. I was told then - 12 years ago - that there was no need for anyone to undergo such pain, without it being controlled. All I can suggest is to keep right on at your medical team and 'demand' that they do their utmost to control the pain. Best wishes, Bill

  • Hi Bill, I read your response to my Mum, emphasising the '12 years ago'! I had a long chat with her this morning re. pain relief, she is on cocodomal and has morphine based painkillers at home but is scared to take them. I think she's nervous of the side effects and how they'll make her feel. She has also not been taking her full quota of cocodomal, but I think after the last week this will change. The pain is so immense that she is unable to do anything, so she knows she needs to get it under control and is now willing to take the additional pain killers. Thank you for your advice - it did help!

    I wish you well!


  • Would it help for your mum to record her pain using a scale - my own mum did this and it was psychologically beneficial as it gave her more control of her illness and we had a record to show the nurse. Hope this helps, i don't know much about the medicine side of things but urge you to discuss any concerns with the oncologist or nurse. Wishing you well and I'm sure your mum is grateful for your concern and care.

  • Hi

    My Mum's pain is much more under control now, she has just spent 3 weeks in hospital and is taking stronger drugs, more regularly. I think she has had to accept alot in the last few weeks and has been under constant supervision, so things on that side are easier.

    Thanks for your comments!

    Alli x

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