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chemotherapy finished

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I posted ages ago and didn't update what had happened. I had stage 2b NSCLC and was operated on at Leeds in July. Before the operation I was on the ABLE trial and this shrank the tumour so after the surgery I was initially told by the local MDT I would not need chemotherapy as the tumour removed was 38mm (2mm under the 40mm size suggested arbitrarily for chemo). After seeing the trial consultant they estimated the size of the tumour before the trial drug to be at least 48mm and my consultant surgeon was adamant I should be offered chemo as well. In the end at my request I went to see an oncologist and the upshot was that chemo was offered. The moral of this story is to challenge MDT results if you have any queries about them. Had I not challenged it chemo would not have been offered to me. As my surgeon put it "you're 46, fit and well with a young family - we need to do everything to prevent this from coming back". So I have now completed chemo. Was on ward 7 at Huddersfield Royal who were fantastic. Chemo's not nice but I have got through it and it has given me an extra 5% 5 year survival which is worth it. I still have my hair as well which is nice in these cold months!

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Jackie so pleased you have conquered it all.

Well done and best wishes

Hoggy x

Jackie I'm so pleased for you and I wish you all the best to keeping healthy. Your family need you and vice versa. They must be very proud of you. Take care and enjoy the coming festivities.

Jo x

So pleased for you Jackie, Glad your doing well. :) xx

So glad to hear you're doing well Jackie- long, long may it continue :) x

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Hello Jackie46, it is so great to hear that you have competed your chemo, and with hair still intact. As you have mentioned sometimes it can be important to question the decisions made by the MDT.

Kind Regards The Roy Castle Helpline

Well done Xx

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