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What does it mean ?

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I'm going on to maintenance in four weeks I really don't know what it means anyone fill me in thx

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Hi Red 58,

After a first course of chemotherapy finishes, doctors usually stop any further chemotherapy unless the cancer becomes active again. However, in some circumstances, people can receive ongoing chemotherapy with one drug on its own without the platinum-based agent. This is called maintenance therapy.

I see from one of your previous posts you have non-squamous non -small lung cancer. Research has shown that maintenance therapy gives better outcomes for those people, helping to continue to slow down the growth of their lung cancer and keep any symptoms under control for longer.

I have attached a link to our booklet 'Chemotherapy for lung cancer'(see page 11).


If you would like to speak to one of the helpline nurses you can phone 0800 358 7200(option2) Monday-Thursday 9.00am-5.00pm and 9.00am to 4.00pm on Fridays.

Kind regards,

All at the ' Ask the nurse' helpline support team.

Hi RedLooks like you are going to have the same treatment as me going forward. I had 4 rounds of Carboplatin and Pemetrexed (chemo) together with Pemulizimab (Keytruda - immunotherapy) which is licensed for 2 years. I have been having the Pemetrexed and Pemulizimab on their own for the last 13 or so months. As far as I am aware, the pemetrexed is ongoing for as long as it is effective but, as you know, I'm having a bit of a rest from the chemo after about 16 rounds, and only having the immunotherapy for the time being until we see what is going on with the next scan on 22nd September. I think that this regime is the normal one for people like us with our particular cancer and treatment options. No need to worry, I have been fine just needed a rest and regain some energy.

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Red58 in reply to magstherunner

Thx mags glad your doin well xxxxx

Hi Red88 looks like Roy Castle and others have answered your query. I hope you remain well on your journey and maintenance keeps things ticking over. xx

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Red58 in reply to Ollie13

Hi Ollie hope so I'm getting bit low so not ask consultants much so big thanks to you mags and others after treatment Thurs I'm what you'd say knackerd hopefully feel better next few days. Hope your ok as well xxxxx

Hi Red58 sorry to hear your knackered we all know that feeling. Not sure if this helps but I read somewhere that everyone thinks that after treatment stops you will feel better but the next month may/can be just as hard with tiredness etc. Sometimes I think if we know these things we can prepare but I'm sure you are aware everyone is different. Just rest take it easy your body is telling you this my thoughts are with you 🤗🤗xx

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