I made it !!!

Hi everyone hope you're all as well as can be, I havent checked in for quite a while, spent a week in hospital with a nasty infection (not related to LC) taken me a month to recover ! anyway I just want say that when i was diagnosed last year with this awful disease my first thought was 'am I going to make it to my daughters wedding ?' well the wedding is this weekend and I am ecstatic and overwhelmed that im here to celebrate with family and friends, life is so precious, im so grateful and lucky to be here and will continue to enjoy every moment whatever the future holds ! will post up a photo next week of the bridal party !

Love to all

Julie x

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  • Have a wonderful day. It will be very special and no doubt quite emotional. Brilliant that you are here to enjoy and celebrate it. Continue to enjoy whatever you can.

    With love


  • Thank you Jenny, so looking forward to it ! X

  • Good on you Julie, you've reached one milestone and you should thoroughly enjoy every moment of it.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day to remember.


  • Thanks Rab ! X

  • Hi Julie

    Ditto! I was diagnosed 2012. Lots of ups and downs and last year my daughter got engaged and is getting married on 11 sep. that has been my goal for the past 12 months. Nearly there!!!!

    Have a lovely day and look forward to seeing the photos

    Caroline x

  • Hi Caroline, yes we all need a goal to focus on and make lots of wonderful memories, its going to be a very emotional day !

    Julie x

  • Have a wonderful day Caroline, and well done you keeping up the good fight! X

  • Brilliant Julie! Well done and have a fantastic weekend! Look forward to seeing a photo. Enjoy!


  • so glad to hear that. enjoy...

  • Lovely news Julie,

    am sure the celebrations were enjoyed by all. Not an easy year, here's hoping for an easier twelve months ahead,

    best wishes

    Lorraine @Roy Castle

  • So happy for you to be able to be there. Enjoy the weekend. Congratulations to your daughter. Looking forward to the pix. Katherine x

  • Well done Julie, hope you all have a lovely memorable day , look forward to the pics.

    Margaret x

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