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Does a Shadow on the lung mean ! Cancer

I have been ill for over a year now, Cough , sputum, Even has blood , Went to the Dr, & I have to go back in 1 months time, I feel so weak , I have a cough also , My Throat is swollen, I even went to the hospital, where they`ve asked for tests , again, I Have put on 4lbs in weight since last year. I am too thin , I Feel ill , Lethargic,

I have a shadow on my lung , which has been there for over a month since the first ex-ray, I was told it was an infection in my lungs , Went back a month later, Its still there , Now i have to wait another month , The specialist at the hospital, Said 1 thing, then at the doctors , they said another, I feel ill , totally withdrawn, & definitely not fit . Maybe i should start taking on bets, !! My husband died due to lung cancer , nearly 6 years back . I know the signs . So now i have resorted to looking after myself , In-case anyone else is suffering Try (Black seed oil ) I have been trying this for over a week , My color is back . I do not feel 100% myself. I have young children so have to put my faith in something, This Black seed i talk of is a century,s old , Healthy alternative remedy .I will keep everyone posted. ,

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CT scans of the lungs is more accurate to differentiate between infection and cancer. Biopsy and tissue diagnosis to confirm. please talk to your doctor about your concerns and request for a CT scans.

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Hi ask or demand a CT scan and a biopsy if possible its not cancer till they see it under a microscope.

Dont waste anymore time , a PET scan may be required also . Its your health be pushy with Docs make them hear your concerns .

best wishes


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It seems odd that in UK they have been promoting getting to your Doctor if you have a persistent cough so you get checked out for lung cancer. I am surprised your Doctor has not referred you for CT scans and if you have been feeling this ill for a year I would be bashing his door down. Without proper tests the diagnosis and treatment cannot be given. Waiting is not really an option.



Hi there, My name is Nicky at Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

I think as you have not had a diagnosis of cancer, you should try and not assume that is what you have. You should take your symptoms and concerns back to your GP and discuss it with them.

In regards to mikke5 response. You have obviously had a difficult time with cancer in the past and I am sorry for that, but everyone responds differently to treatment for cancer, and everybody's cancer is different. There is a variety of reasons for individuals choosing to take different treatment paths, and we should try not to influence other peoples decisions, as this is the individuals way of taking ownership of the disease.

Your are correct that Ct and radiotherapy are high energy X-rays, but help people prolong life or help them beat cancer. There will be individuals that don't benefit from these treatments, but in most cases can not be predicted.

If you are changing your diet or taking or using alternative therapies you should always discuss with your GP or health professional.



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Thank you , I was panicking, I have had an MRI scan & lots of attendance at the Hospital, The shadow is away now, Thanks to everyone


Glad to hear that, kmc123, that's all well that ends well.


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