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Pet Scan waiting for results, how do we cope

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I have COPD and on Oxygen for activity In 2016 September 12th I had a left lung lobectomy bottom half removed , because of two cancers on bottom of lung, operation was successful, recovered from that, today i just got home today from having to have a Pet Scan on the left lung again it is showing a lesion 12 mm long, i have fibrosis and emphysema , i am now waiting for the results could be another week at least before i hear, this is extremely difficult for me all this waiting, Stressed, depressed certainly having a huge effect on me, how do we cope with all this ?, Phew this is so difficult in coping. thanks

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Hello Guy

It's certainly a waiting game being anxious with results hoping and praying.

I am still having approx. 3 monthly CT scans from my bottom left lobe removed in 2012.

My recent result said my nodule had got larger but I have had this for years and I sometimes think it is how the scan has been interpreted or at a slightly different angle, can affects the result. I'm probably totally wrong but that is just what i feel.

Lean on friend's and family and get support from specialists to talk to at the hospital or on this forum.

Stay positive I know it's easier to say but we are in similar boats.

Keep strong and i wish you have better results next time round.

Keep your chin up.

Best wishes

Hoggy x

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Guy59 in reply to hedgehoggy

thank you kindly , my results will be 18 th March so a waiting game, and trying to get peace of mind

Hello Guy59,

its always the waiting that is difficult, no one can give you any answers until they have all the information gathered from tests and investigations, it is only natural at this time to feel anxious until you get a definitive diagnosis. Do you have a cancer specialist nurse ? you could have a talk with her and she can answer any questions that you have. If you would like to speak with someone please give us a call on the nurse led helpline freephone 0800 358 7200

thanks yes there is a nurse i can speak to, my results will be 18th March i am told

Sorry to read of your latest findings Guy but great news that the operation was successful on the two tumours on the bottom of the lung. I had an upper left lung lobectomy in Dec 2010 (diagnosed Jan 2011 as 7cm adenocarcinoma) and remember it was quite scary at about the same timeline as you - as I developed wheeze, shortness of breath, coughed up blood etc but bronchoscopy showed nothing although waiting for that, I had high levels of anxiety. My follow on treatment was 'watchful waiting' which became an annual scan unless something happened in between times.

Over the years (and I never thought I'd say that or not the amount I've had so far) I've been hospitalised a number of times through A&E with what turned out to be pneumonia, pseudomonas (healthcare acquired infection resistant to antibiotics), and just recently RSV (respiratory virus) where I was put into isolation.

I've learnt to try and manage such scary times with a mix of believing 'all things must pass' and 'tomorrow is another day' along with distraction of ensuring that when I am well, I make the most of life as much as I can. So sometimes i'm well and work, swim and travel and other days such as when I'm ill with infections, barely able to move without being breathless (depends on what's wrong with me) but I have developed resilience and patience only through these experiences. I found reading a couple of books helped me (the internet/online groups were not around for lung cancer at the time) and the two that helped me most were 'cancer is a word not a sentence' by Dr Rob Buckman and Anti cancer a new way of life by Dr Servan Schreiber. Unsure if you're up to reading but the Rob Buckman is quite an easy read (considering both are written by doctors) but they certainly helped me. I've met patients who have survived 20+ years post diagnosis despite bronchectstasis or other lung conditions .good luck.

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Guy59 in reply to JanetteR57

thank you comments appreciated

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