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Bone Biopsy, Not Sure What to Expect?


It's been a weird few weeks. Had routine CT on 25/9, routine follow up 3 weeks later. Oncologist said the scan hadn't been reported on but looked normal to him. I asked for the nurse to call me once it had been reported, and toddled off with a six month follow up appointment. Just over a week later the nurse called to say there was a suspicious area in my thoracic spine, and I needed an MRI scan. This was done the next day, heard nothing for 3 weeks until I called the nurses. I saw the oncologist the following day and he said it did look like a bony secondary. I was referred for an MRI of the head, and a PET scan. He also asked for testing of the original tumour.

My appointment with the oncologist was bought forward from 10th dec to today. I was dreading it; my best hope was that it was isolated to one spot and radiotherapy would help. I was pleasantly gobsmacked when he said that the MRI of my head was normal and there were no suspicious areas on the PET scan - the area on my spine was not highlighted, so it's very possible this is not a secondary. I'm being referred to Stanmore for a biopsy.

Has anyone had any experience of a bone biopsy? How it's done etc? I should have asked today but I had a whole range of different questions lined up! The news was totally unexpected although incredibly welcome.

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I should add that I have no pain at all and feel very well. Results aren't yet back on tumour testing.


Hello SAH1,

That is good news you must be relived as it is always easy to expect the worst especially if an appointment has been brought forward. I am sure that you must have left that appointment with lot's of questions going through your head. Speak to your C.N.S. she will be able to explain the procedure for bone biopsy to you. If you would like to speak with someone please give us a call on our nurse led helpline freephone 0800 358 7200

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